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They provide companions while on the road so that you get your products in a successfully effectively properly secured situation.

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251.Pamela Johnson(non-registered)
I think you are awesome! It is amazing to connect with an animal so closely and I would say a truly spiritual experience. I am not sure I would have the courage to do what you do, but I so admire what you do. I was and maybe still am somewhat fearful of sharks but I am learning to have respect for them as fascinating creatures of the deep. I love animals and have actually gotten to bottle feed a tiger- only for a coupe of minutes but it was still exhilarating and awesome!

I recently signed a petition on change.org. to remove the T.V. program Shark Hunters because of its undo promotion of Shark slaughter. Maybe someday I will be ready to face my fear and go down in a shark cage - I am working on my fear and understanding them is a first step.
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