195.Carlos Sarria(non-registered)
Great cause and great photos.
You must come to South Africa one day to see great whites breaching while trying to catch seals in the Cape area and, more on the northern part of the country (warmer waters of Aliwal Shoal), to dive with the tiger sharks.
Color photography has commanded prevalent photography, albeit dark and white is still utilized, being simpler to create than shade. Far less alluring than a genuine surrounding Polaroid, which accomplishes its impact through a more extensive film form.
193.John Hammer(non-registered)
Great pics, especially on the wide screen.


192.Samantha Rodriguez(non-registered)
Everything you're doing is amazing. I love the ocean, mysteries and all. These creatures are absolutely fascinating and extraordinarily beautiful. Keep speaking for these magnificent creatures and showing everyone their true beauty. You are truly blessed.
191.Scubaworx South Africa(non-registered)
Your commitment and dedication is to be admired and hopefully emulated the world over. The awareness you bring the plight of these magnificent creatures will hopefully go a long way towards securing their future. Well done
190.Gillian Subel.(non-registered)
Just saw the program on Ocean, Swimming with the Shark.
Well done Folks for bringing the plight of the Dying Breed, of theses beautiful
Creatures to the attention of the Public.
Hope you receive may people writing in your guest book.
Good Luck Keep Up the Good Work.
189.Caroline, Cape Town, South Africa(non-registered)
So great to see people in other countries fighting for conservation of these beautiful creatures! I just saw a repeat of your interview on the Jeff Probst show- well done! Your beauty & passion will draw attention to this issue. Keep up the good work!
188.wayne lundall durban south afica(non-registered)
Please kill people who kill sharks.! They deserve to be killed
187.Terry Nell(non-registered)
There is nothing that hurts me more than another shark killing. I will continue to buy bangles etc and five them as gifts. I will sign every petition! Congrats for all the good work you do. Well done
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