174.fer morales(non-registered)
Felicidades es un trabajo increible. Algun dia podre bucear con tiburones.
173.Bruno Vilaça(non-registered)
Sorry, but i will write in portuguese.

Me chamo Bruno, sou biólogo e estou satisfeito com as informações aqui passadas. Parabens!!!

Congratulations fot your beautiful work
I just watched this video http://boredombash.com/shark-whisperer-ocean-ramsey/ and was amazed at the bravery and determination you all have at raising awareness on this situation. My mind has definitely been changed. Thank you for your work.
How beautiful your work, if I may call it work. Congratulations.
I loved.
Hey ocean dont think you remember me I did the shark dive with you guys last week and fell in love with what you do for sharks… got home and wish so bad that I was a marine biologist… great job out there keep up the good work✌aloha
169.Regan Cliff(non-registered)
Bravo it's inspiring to see one person make a stand to try and save these amazing predator's .
Beautiful work!
I am passionate about the ocean
and especially the sharks!
I am very grateful
the effort to
save these beautiful
animals from extinction!
167.Sharon linwood(non-registered)
I commend you on the job you do! It's such a gratifying experience and whilst you're the envy of many, it takes serious dedication to do what you do. Many might not understand your role, however it's people like you who are making a difference out there. Thank you
165.Blair Ranford(non-registered)
Just want to say what an amazing job you do for promoting the conservation and protection of the Great White Shark and sharks in general. Now more than ever they really need all the friends they can get. I live in Western Australia, where sadly our idiot Govt is looking to get approval to cull Great Whites. Efforts like yours really help change opinions, and when we have people onside of the sharks, we can better stand up to terrible decisions like these. I've been lucky enough to work with Great Whites in South Africa the last 3 years, and I'm an avid surfer and diver. So I wrote an opinion piece in support of our sharks, that is currently being shared around. I'll post the link below, and I hope you like it if you get a chance to look at. Thank you again :-) Blair Ranford
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